Content is King Concept

Everyone always asks me, how can I get my website to the top of a popular search engine like Google, especially for a particular phrase and have lots of organic traffic. My answer to this usually varies, especially depending on what subject their website revolves around. I’ve had people ask this question when their website revolves around children’s toys, I’ve also had people ask me this when they own a website that has adult material on it.

Just recently I had a friend of mine ask me this exact question, his website genre was online gaming. I proceeded to explain to him how to reach the top of a popular search engines like Bing, Yahoo or Google. His reaction was pure shock, for me however his reaction was predictable. He asked me to explain in detail so he could implement the methods after we spoke.

The Procedure

So I explained to him first and foremost, the secret to reaching the top of any search engine is content… There is no black magic or witch woman casting spells to draw in the visitors. It all comes down to quality content people can engage with with a few strategically placed tags. There is an old saying that makes its way through the webmaster communities around the world… and that is Content is King, without genuinely unique engaging content, you will never stand out from the crowd of lemmings that seem to copy each other day in and day out, then expect results.

Turning Coal Into a Diamond

I proceeded to explain that creating content people have not yet seen which is also engaging will be shared and debated. I also explained to him that he should always stick to his websites genre, in this case the genre is online gaming. Subsequent explanation explained that, only having games on the website which everyone else has wont work, that’s why it’s important to mix it up a little, for example you could use other types of games to supplement the gaming inventory on the website. I said “by using puzzle, casino or other style games, your audience suddenly expands thus drawing in more visitors”. I then explained by using a brands like Shockwave or Pokerstarscasino, it would appeal to a whole new audience that he was not yet reaching. So that’s the first part to getting to the top of all the popular search engines. I then proceed to explain, that the next step is to share the content to begin gaining some kind of following. It is very important to get your name out there. Of course, getting your name out there used to be tricky, however, using social media these days has made the whole process much easier.

To the Moon!

To the Moon!

By simply spending a couple of hours on social media giants such as Facebook, you will quickly realize how easy it is to get your brand known, and its especially easier when your brand is working alongside other big names. Using a big name can be to your advantage, especially when leveraging their name for your own benefit , you can do that by tagging your website appropriately. You can also use their specific gaming genre key words to tag specific pages to draw the search robots to those pages tagged. I explained to my friend, once you understand the general method, you can begin to get creative. You could even create headings on your website that say something like, Experience a mega games from your own home using the platform. After a little more explaining, my friend began to understand the concept Content Is King, of course there is no shortcut to becoming successful, if there was everyone would be doing it, and those that cheat the system usually end under investigation or worse still, behind bars.

More or less three months passed when my friend revealed just how well he had done using the Content Is King concept. Not only had he surpassed most of his immediate competition, he also gained a very loyal following on his gaming site. And to top it off, he was also raking in the bucks through his affiliate systems he had managed to put in place. So, it just goes to show how easy it is to rank and create a following when using the concept Content Is King. You just need to be patient, create unique content, do some marketing on social media giants, and tag your website with genre specific keywords. Think hard about what content you are putting on your site and never add content just for the sake up trying to be fresh. The content has to be relevant, engaging and spur the reader into doing something on your site. If you bear all of this in mind then you truly will have content that is king.

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