How to Become a Website Designer – Part 1

The internet is one of the great innovations of the modern age, it has moved worldwide communications to a completely to a different level to what they were two decades ago. Now people across the world can be talking to each other as fast as a click of a button, and often for free. Along with this lightning fast communication the internet has also spawned many new jobs and careers. As buying and selling on the internet has become immensely popular, many businesses have selling and advertising portals on the internet, namely websites. They need people to build these websites and also to digitally market them, this has led to a whole new generation of jobs and careers. One of the most well respected and highly paid of this new breed of careers is a website designer. In this blog we look at the best way of becoming a successful web designer.

Becoming a Website Designer

Becoming a successful web designer requires more than just having the elementary hardcore skills such as competent jQuery or good HTML scripting. A good website designer does not just build a website that looks good, it also has to be manageable to most probably run a business. From planning, designing and building to communication and marketing, a really good website designer has to know all these elements. To lift you above the mediocre of many simple web builders out there we have collated a number of tips to assist.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are an important element in any business and website design is not immune to this, trying to understand what the client really needs and wants is the main crux of building the correct kind of website that they require. Many computer type programmers and designers are not normally chatty types of people, but when you deal with a client you must be bold and erudite. Speak plainly about your skills and what the client’s options are, guide them clearly through their options. Small problems will not grow into larger ones if you are in constant communication.

Sell Yourself

The land of the internet incorporates fierce competition, and some of that may be unfair competition. Website designers are not immune to this, and only the savviest will actually make a success of their business and earn a proper living out of doing so. To elevate your services from the thousands of other web designers out there you have to shout about your skills and services. If you don’t let people know that you are the best website designer on the internet nobody will ever find out. This can be done by word of mouth through friends, perhaps by designing your own business card, but the real way is to use the net and digitally market your own product. If you just sit back playing computer games waiting for clients to come to you, then you will be doomed, and your business will not be a success.

In part two of how to become a website designer we look at planning and design as well as how to elicit feedback on your own work.

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