How to Become a Website Designer – Part 2

The second part of our blog on how to become a successful website designer looks at planning and design as well as other elements that will guide you on your way. Planning is a key element to good website design as if things are not put into place at the start correctly then you will be fighting a constant battle trying to design the correct website.

Planning Before Designing

It is critical before trying to design anything that you first compose yourself and pre-plan what you intend to do with a client’s request. Website planning can actually be split into three:

  • Research your client well
  • Understand fully what they require
  • Research their competitors and industry trends

Try to visualize the website and then put your ideas down, this stage will help you to plot your course of action in the coming days and weeks. Many designers miss the design planning stage out, and later on they very much regret doing so.

Obtain Constant Feedback

A good website designer has more than one meeting with their client, they are in constant dialogue with them and obtaining valuable feedback. You need to accept this feedback objectively, but if you have clarified what they want in the first place you should be designing effectively. Many clients change and add to their initial request, and without communication you will not be designing effectively. Remember what is in your mind is not always what they want. Check your own work regularly to ensure you have not made any elemental mistakes, if you have a website designer friend it is well worthwhile getting them to also have a look at your work.

Web Designing Is Not Graphic Designing

Many website designers follow the route of becoming graphic designers also, there is a distinction and you always must remember what you are doing. There are few people that have both skill sets to become a web designer and a graphic designer. A graphic designer may rise to the level of a web designer once they learn all the technical skills, but a piece of graphic design is far removed from designing and building a website. For your business to succeed, commit yourself to the discipline of web designing, you can always farm out a piece of graphic design to a friend or colleague if you need to.

Keep Learning

Technology is ever evolving in the computer world and it is imperative that you keep abreast of all the new happenings. A good idea is to set aside a chunk of time each week for research into this key area, see what is new and what is trending. Believe that your competitors will be doing this, you do not want to look dated or lagging behind if they start to implement new technologies into their work. Their sites may become looking fresher and faster that what your designs are, this could all be due to new technology.

In our concluding blog about how to become a good website designer we look at other skills that could enhance your design capabilities, and how you can gain valuable experience.

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