How to Become a Website Designer – Part 3

In our third and concluding blog of how to become a successful website designer we look at some of the other skills, sometimes called soft skills that can help you as a web designer. Plus, the best ways of gaining experience and what is the best way to be better organized.

What are Web Design Soft Skills

As technology moves on in the field of web designing, there are constantly new techniques being developed and introduced. A good web designer who wants the most out of his business will keep abreast of these new techniques and learn how to implement them. Your core design skills have to keep in tandem with any new design technologies and you must grasp the modern coding for HTML and any changes to CSS so you can implement the best possible cross browser compatibility. There may also be changes to JavaScript UI techniques that you need to aware of, and how to build a base site that can be extended later with more pages. Being aware of all these updates of soft skills will stand you in good stead to update your multiple skill sets and the possibility of doing more complex work for clients.

The Importance of Experience

A resume or portfolio of existing work that you have designed is imperative, experience in a lot of cases is better than qualifications. People trust experience as they can physically see your work and judge how good it is. Try to get as broader base of clients as possible is a great idea, not only will it give you a broader platform of skills, it will help you go for different types of clients in different industries. Some designers take on low paid jobs to expand their portfolios and this also can be a good idea.

Be Organized

Part of being a good website designer is by being organized, actually it does not really matter what profession you are working in, an organized person is more likely to be a successful one. It is good to start off making sure your computer is well organized by arranging folders and classifying pictures, texts, videos and graphics, and remember to label them in a logical way so you can understand later. Keep a file with a to-do list and keep it up to date by deleting finished tasks and adding new ones.

Gear up for Business

A website designer is often a freelance job, so you must keep a business head on your shoulders when you approach any job or project. Never undersell yourself and deal in the real world, a good web designer does not just build websites they provide a solution for their customer, who will then use them again or at the very least give a sound recommendation about you. If you follow the basic advice that has been laid down in this blog then there is no reason whatsoever that you cannot make a real success of being a website designer. Remember always think of the client, what he wants and provide a solution that will help him with his business. There is no point designing a pretty site which does not get a high click through rate that the customer can convert.

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