Important Factors of a Website Design

If you are helping to design a website or perhaps trying to build one for yourself, there are certain basic criteria that you must address. In this blog we look at the most important factors that you must take into consideration when both designing and developing a website and what benefits this will give you.

Cost Effective

One of the great benefits of a website is how cost effective it can be, a good website can market and promote your business at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing ways. The cost of running and maintaining a website business can only be a matter of a few dollars.


The consumer market has never been easier to access, many buyers have a hectic lifestyle and shopping online is the easiest way for them to get the goods that they want. With the increase of protection for consumers online, it is also a really safe way to shop – not to mention convenient and attractive.


Owning a big store or office does not give you access to the millions of people who do not live in your town or country. But the online world covers every nook and cranny of the globe, world courier companies often work in tandem with large online stores to deliver the goods almost anywhere within days. A good website increases the accessibility of your business and will ensure you reach a far greater audience.

Improved Marketing

A traditional bricks and mortar company is far harder to promote than a website. As mentioned above, digital marketing is cost effective as compared to the traditional advertising, and the SEM & SEO promotion of your website is just as effective as any ad you could buy. The value of this marketing is also easier to calculate and quantify.

Better Credibility

Every good business is almost forced to have a website today. A good site can boost the credibility of your business and give you great brand awareness. Even if you are not selling online, if your business does not have a website it will not match up to those that do.

Real Time Information

If you wish to send an immediate message to your customer base, or perhaps offer a fire sale, then there is no better vehicle than a website. You can change vital information in real-time on a website in seconds, which gives you the flexibility of tweaking your business as and when it needs.

Good Customer Service

A good interactive website allows you to take care of your customers far easier than any other method, sending emails or snail-mail about customer satisfaction takes a great deal of time and effort. The ability to add content that is useful to customers is easy on a website, uploading videos or files about products is simple and clear for the consumer to understand. And getting feedback by using analytics and metrics on your site is aa simple as pressing a few buttons.

A good website will give your business lifelong benefits, it will reduce costs of operations and give immediate satisfaction to your market. It also affords the opportunity of instant feedback from your customer with their ability to comment.

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