Online Business and YouTube: Tips and Tricks

Online Business and YouTube

Youtube is one of the main internet platforms for both advertising and business. The number of users is huge, so you can reach a large audience easily. Still, tech experts share smart tips and tricks on how to use this social network even more conveniently and productively. So how can you adapt this platform to perform your business better.

Extension of Magic Actions

For true YouTube fans who watch videos on this platform on a daily basis, it is worth trying the ultra-useful Magic Actions for YouTube. This extension, which runs in the Google Chrome, provides more control and additional features that further enhance the viewing experience.

Once this plug-in is installed, you can conveniently adjust the volume, take screenshots with a single click, or turn on a special home theater mode. You can change the normal environment to night mode, use various light and color effects, and automatically display video clips in the highest resolution. You can find this free extension for your browser in the Chrome Web Store, and you can access this tool’s control bar from any YouTube video. You will find it at the bottom right of the video clip, marked with a wand symbol in a red square.

Exclusive Features of Premium Membership

The biggest advantage of YouTube Premium is the ability to listen music or watch videos without any ads. Music will also play, even if the gadget is running in the background while you use another apps on your mobile device. Also, you can download the songs you want and listen to them later, even when you are not connected to the internet. Premium membership is offered for free for the first month.

Create a GIF Image

Not everyone knows that you can easily create a fun moving GIF image from all YouTube video: just add a GIF in front of the word YouTube in the address line of a video and copy the link. Paste the prepared link in the box provided on The selected video will open in a special GIF image generation window. Then the creative process will begin. By following the instructions, you can change the length of the image, caption, stickers, color gamut, format, and other properties. Once you have prepared your animation, save the link and share it with your customers or buyers.

Favorite Videos Aare Always Around

Another useful tool calls Floating for YouTube and it is especially useful for those who like to spend their time productively. This extension will allow you to watch an interesting show or your favorite music video at the same time, and work with computer programs or search the web together. With Floating For Youtube, you do not have to open many different tabs. After installing this tool and clicking on the pin icon in the selected video, you will open a separate window “floating” above the browser with the content you are watching. It is very easy to use as the window controls are exactly the same as on the regular YouTube platform.

Favorite Videos Aare Always Around

Favorite Videos Aare Always Around

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