Popular Platforms for Freelance Web Designers

Popular Platforms for Freelance Web Designers

In a world where remote work and freelancing are becoming a norm rather than an exception, being noticed by potential clients is crucial. After all, as everyone starts flocking to the career as a freelancer, the competition is becoming more and more fierce and the visibility is certainly more and more difficult to reach. That’s why websites and communities have appeared, where masters of a similar craft or service can go online and offer their knowledge at a certain price. People looking to acquire these services will have a wide variety to choose from, all in one place, so if a web designer manages to stand out, it’s going to pay off. The platforms you should be looking at if you want to offer or purchase web design services are below:


You can find all sorts of services on Upwork, from content production to development, and web design is certainly among them. Founded over a decade ago, Upwork has been successfully connecting job seekers with those in need of help. They have a bid system in place; an employer posts a job and then people who think they are qualified make proposals. The employer chooses and afterwards evaluates the person. That same process applies to web designers, and it’s the simplest thing, that is if you’re good. The only downside is that Upwork keeps a percentage of the money made, but that’s going to be a downside of pretty much any freelance platform of this kind, so that is to be expected. Upwork sees themselves as being on a mission to completely normalize the concept of remote work and encourage flexible talent solution across the world, and that’s a solid mission to have.


While Upwork encompasses a huge range of services, 99designs, as the name implies, focuses on people offering and looking for design services specifically. From logos to websites to book covers, you’ll be able to find a true field expert willing and capable of turning your vision into reality. It’s budget-friendly and it assigns one designer with the best-suited skill set to work on a certain project, so the client can rest assured that their project will receive all the attention it needs. Alternatively, the client can choose to throw a contest, where the designer with the best visual representation of the idea wins. It is more costly, but an awesome way to get some creative inspiration and come out with magnificent results.


Although more and more resemblant of just another social media platform, the possibilities are vast on LinkedIn, so don’t overlook it! A profile that is well put together, representative of the designer’s special talents and stand-out features, a portfolio exhibiting their work and the willingness to put themselves out there and actively look as opposed to just waiting for the recruiters to contact them can really go a long way. Proud showcasing of certificates and diplomas can not only land gigs but also serve as motivation to achieve more!

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