The Top WordPress Themes in 2019

If you are searching for some great WordPress themes to help you with your web design, then we may give you some great ideas. Some of the themes we suggest will help you build sites, make it easier to do so, and to look more professional.


Divi is a well established theme from the highly popular Elegant Themes team. It is priced at a reasonable level and it is a comprehensive tool that will assist you in being able to build almost any type of website.

A unique feature and one of the best parts of Divi, is the integrated Divi Builder. The tool is so easy to use as it is simply drag-and-drop so creating custom made pages is relatively easy. The integrated interface enables the making of multiple columns and rows, this means the layouts you produce can be easily populated with different modules.


If you are looking to design and make a magazine-styled site then Newspaper is the theme for you. The theme has numerous templates that are ideal for every sort of content-style whether it is serious articles, or fun travel blogs.

You can adapt the theme to reflect the kind of content you will be using, and you can also opt from different demos that the theme offers. Each demo can be tweaked and customized to give the exact look you are after. Newspaper is also great for money making opportunities, as it has plenty of places for advertising.


Uncode is one of the most popular themes available for WordPress, and one of its biggest attractions is that it is truly a multi-purpose theme. The list of features available in Uncode is long and very varied, and since its first launch four years ago the theme has constantly been improved and updated.

The version of Uncode that is most recent is 1.8 and this gives the creator a mammoth choice of features, plus an expansive library of concepts and demos. Uncode is brilliant at making things easy and to import demos and other data is almost child’s play.


One of the newest themes on our list is TheGem, and it has over fifty creative concepts that the user can select from. Once again this is a multi-purpose theme that is extremely adaptable with many choices of design styles and multiple categories.

This theme is of a very high standard and will produce a highly professional look with full functionality. If you opt for this theme then you are also given access to a very impressive library full of demos. Content is also easy to import, and then the application of additional templates is relatively easily done.

The creators of TheGem have focused on producing something that delivers stunning design, but they have not discarded all the other aspects of what makes a WordPress website both useful and attractive.

Whatever type of website you are trying to create there is a plethora of themes on the market ideal to suit WordPress, these are just the tip of the iceberg and if you look hard there are many other options.  

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