Website Design Best Practices – Part 2

Last time out we took a closer look at some of the aspects that help to make website successful. Without question the overwhelming sentiment was to make it a good user experience. This time around we will be aiming to delve into the power of social media in website design, while also factoring in blog or new articles.

Social Media Impacting Website Design

Given that almost all businesses have some form of social media channels at their disposal it is perhaps no surprise that the best website designs fully integrate on these. You will want to make sure that your social media accounts are easy to find. The best area on any website is nearly always right at the top of the page, in the header area. Although you aren’t just limited to using this area. During content and at the footer area can be great ways of ensuring your social media presence is picked up by website visitors.

Integrate Social Media Where It Makes Sense

If you are a website owner that prides themselves of keeping visitors apprised of developments in your social media channels, then you might want to incorporate social media feeds in your website. Choose the best place to show these to have the maximum impact on your visitors. Very often the sidebar area (on a desktop view) can be a great place as it doesn’t interrupt your visitor reading the content.

Use up to Date Buttons

Social platforms are for every tweaking and changing thing. Make sure you stay up to date with changes with buttons as your website can look immediately outdated.

Target Platforms that Match Your Customers

Try to avoid jumping on the band-wagon of having every single social media account shown on your website. The reality is that many of these just won’t be used by your potential visitors. Carry out some research into the types of social platforms that you believe your customers are going to use and make sure that you have a good presence on these important ones. Over stretching your social media resources will likely mean that visitors are left wondering if these channels are important to you.

Make the Valuable Content Shareable

When it comes to social media, many website owners think that people will want to share everything they have. Sadly, this really isn’t the case. Blog content is one such area that will often merit sharing. Of course, you have created useful, informative and value driven content for this to apply. If you have a site that purely has listings for properties then don’t expect too many people to want to share these on their social platforms; however, if the same site provides unique insights into the local area then this might change things. One thing to remember when it comes to sharing content, you nearly always need to prompt the reader to do so. Including passages similar to “if you have liked this and found it useful then please don’t forget to share” can often have the desired result of increasing your website’s presence via social media.


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