What is SEO in Respect to Your Website

If you have a website and are wondering what SEO means in regard to it, then we are about to clarify the term. SEO actually means Search Engine Optimization, and it is a way of getting your site higher up in the rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. If your site is purely as private site and not a business one, you probably are not too bothered where you come in search engine rankings. But do you want people to find your site? And if the answer is yes, you will want it appearing on the first page of search results. And that is where SEO practices are needed.

What Does SEO Mean?

SEO is the term used to optimize your site so that the search engines can easily find it among all the other websites that exist. It is a way of making your website stand out from the crowd, and the algorithms that search engines like Google have can identify your site first. Search Engine Optimization is a complicated matter and really only digital marketing people know how to properly implement it.  It is not doing just one thing, there are many elements to SEO that have to be done together to make it work.

Engage the Audience

The first thing your site needs to do is to engage the audience and keep their attention. To do this your site must make an impact. The home page should grab the audience’s attention, so it needs to be simple and easily understandable. To do this you need to understand what your audience really wants and deliver it simply so that they can move around your site easily.

Content is King

Above all else the content on your site must be of top quality. Every page on your site should be easy to read and deliver information that will either make your audience do something or give them the information that they need. The information on the site should also be regularly be updated, with fresh blogs and information. Part of what  Google algorithms are looking for is fresh content, it shows the site is regularly updated and new information is being added on a regular basis.

Your Site Must Pack a Punch

No matter what your site is about, it is a fair assumption that there are other similar sites out there on the internet. So, you need to be able first to grab the reader’s attention and then hold it. There are many tricks of the trade to do this and one is to include videos on your site. Short videos are certainly a crowd pleaser, and they can depict in a matter of seconds what may take five hundred words to explain. In this modern day of fast internet, people’s attention span has certainly diminished. Many people will simply not read a long blog, but they will watch a fifteen second video. So, whether or not your website is a business site, you will still need SEO to keep it coming up in searches online. Otherwise it will remain buried in the depths of the tenth and eleventh pages of searches.

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