Why Video is so Important to a Website – Part 1

For a long time, when building a website for your business, the phrase content is king has been the optimum guidance for owners. What this means is that whatever your website is selling or is about, the actual content must be relevant and, more importantly, interesting.

There is no point having the best idea since sliced bread and a wonderful product if the people that land on your website cannot find it or it is not explained fully. And while written content is still vitally important, there is another medium that you can include that will help the content do its job.

The Importance of Content

Having a website to promote your business is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to get your business noticed. But to get business from your website, you must first attract people to come and visit your site, and then to engage with your website and place an order.

The content on your site does both jobs: it will help people to find your site through search engines, and then navigate through your site simply to select items and proceed to checkout. Firstly, to make your site visible, the content has to be written in way that is search engine friendly, this is called SEO (search engine optimization). Secondly, once the SEO has worked and people come to your site, the content has to be written to make your goods and services easy to find, and then guide the visitor logically and easily through your pages to reach the payment page.

Where Does Video Fit In

Content is the all-encompassing term that includes both written and visual information. Your content must be structured in a way that it engages with the visitor and keeps them interested, so that they remain on your website.

A combination of both written and visual content is the best to engage this interest and to keep the visitor invested and, hopefully, push them to make a purchase decision. Video has now become increasingly important in this respect, and as the old adage says: a picture is worth a thousand words.

A video can engage with somebody in a millisecond and make them pause to see what your site is all about. Then, when their attention is held, the written content can bolster this interest and deliver the important facts and information.

There is a data research agency that has developed a theory that a one-minute video can contain as much information than nearly two million words. This statement is rather speculative, but in essence it suggests the power of video. Yet a secondary fact has also emerged from this research, and it is that 46% of video viewers on a business site take some sort of positive action.

In part two of why video content is so important to a website we expand into the actual reasons behind the push to include the audiovisual media. We will discuss achieving high search engine rankings and persuading site visitors to make decisions and engage positively with your site.

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