Why Video is so Important to a Website – Part 2

The second part of our blog researching how important video is becoming as part of the content of a website looks at the actual reasons into this fact. It will delve into the reasons why it holds the attention of the visitor and makes them engage more when they are on your site.

Today, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet, and this indicates the popularity of the video format. It also makes a demand that video value is one of the front runners in any digital marketing plan. And should be used in conjunction with all your content marketing.

Improved SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which, in simple terms, means getting the search engine to place your site high in its rankings when people search for a particular keyword. By utilizing video format, your content marketing of your site will definitely improve. It is estimated that having video content on your site will enhance the chances of reaching the first page in Google by 53 times. This rather depends on what the video content is, how it is formatted and if it is done correctly.

Better Visitor Attraction

Video can capture the attention almost immediately. This can be key, especially today when there is almost an overload of information on the internet, all competing against each other for attention. It can be a method to lure visitors to your site and then keep them engaged.

Better Engagement

Making customers visit your site is only half the job, you have then got to keep them on the site, engage with them and then make them interact, preferably also encourage them to make a purchase. Visual content is a great way to keep visitors engaged with your site. The chances of visitors interacting with the site is increased by ten times if there is a visual component included.

A Technology That is Growing

Video technology is getting more and more viable as it is utilizing new modern devices, production techniques are of a far higher degree in quality than in its formative years, and the creation of excellent home-produced videos is getting easier. An example of this technology at work is the Facebook auto-play, as it automatically plays the videos as the reader scrolls down, making it really easy to watch what you want without actually having to press any control buttons and have any special knowledge.

More Optimization Chances

One of the biggest problems with written content is that it is hard to find out exact data on how much of the content is actually read by the visitor. Also, if they re-read it or came back later to read again, or even shared it with friends, none of this can be estimated.

But in the case of a video, there is a feedback loop that is built into it. This allows the owner to check drop off points, check click-through rates and the number of times it has been played. This useful utility allows the site owner to see what is working and what is not, then it is easier to focus on areas that are essential.

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