Why Video Is So Important to a Website – Part 3

Our third and concluding part to the article on why video is so important to a website looks at even more reasons why website owners should include audiovisual content on their websites. These include higher retention and better click-through rates, including emails.

Better Retention Rates

It is important that once you have persuaded visitors to your site that you keep them, and this means your content has to be interesting and relevant. A recent fact has appeared that almost three quarters of visitors to a site watch more than 75% of videos. This makes video content a valuable tool to get your message across.

Better Email Click-Throughs

A click-through rate is the ratio of visitors that click on a specific link so they arrive at another page on a website. This also is the case for emails on your site, perhaps your content is important and you are trying to drive important information, but has anybody seen it? Evidence has shown that video in emails improved click-through rates by 50%.

Easier to Access

Videos are far easier and cheaper to produce than they once were, in past years trying to make a good quality video was really expensive and took a long time. Now videos are accessible to anybody and are far more affordable, almost as easy as writing a good blog.

Evoke Strong Emotions

Well written text can be very descriptive and emotive, but online a video can be much more powerful. The reason behind this is that it utilizes a number of mediums that text cannot. These include sound, facial expressions, music etc. It is widely believed that a video also lasts longer in the memory than written content, so the possibility that the user will return to the site is greater.

Conversions Are Higher

Facts back up comments, and according to digital marketers, video converts more customers than written content. In fact, over seventy percent of marketers state that video conversion is by far the most successful of all digital marketing content.

It is obvious through research and data feedback that video content can no longer be ignored. In combination with a well thought out digital marketing strategy, it can increase your chances of rising in search engine rankings and converting new business.

Video is not as extensively used as it should be at this moment in time. This means you have the opportunity to stand out from the competition by enhancing your content with video. Returning again to facts, website owners should take the following into consideration:

  • 65% of businessmen who watch work-related videos visit the site of the business later.
  • 90% of online visitors comment that a video helped them to make a decision.
  • In the world of real estate, over four hundred percent more inquiries are received when a video is included on a website.

To date, only an estimated 50% of business websites use video content, so you still have the chance to seize the opportunity and lift your site above half of the competition.

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